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Best suited to people who have a clear picture of what to cover as highlights of their story and wish to give the Memoirs Movie to their loved ones immediately. The HD film lasts for around 30 minutes.


With our Standard package, we will spend time with you helping you to plan your film to make the most of your story. This package also introduces the opportunity to have us look after your film for you, until such time as you would like it released. You can also add to your film at a later date should you wish to. The HD film lasts for around 60 minutes.


Our Premium package includes time for us to sit down with you and help you to work through the telling of your story. We can also interview two of your friends or family to add their perspective and memories to your film. The HD film last for around one and a half hours.


Our Elite package is filmed over two sessions, normally a day or two apart. We can also interview up to five of your friends and family for their perspective and memories. With this package, we can also include some “Home Movie" footage. This 4K film lasts for about 2 hours.

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